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  I am glad that Prague, following the example of other metropolises, joined the Act Up movement and, as in other European cities, it is you who are restoring the origins of Pride, which was a sharp critique of society, a political protest, that was a riot without which the rainbow society would be not where it is today. In order for any criticism and effort to change to become productive, it is necessary to start from the inside out and not the other way around. It is crucial to articulate the information so well that everyone understands it. Proper wording is the key to successful communication in a functioning relationship, community, activism and politics. Like the majority society, the LGBTIQ + community, whether someone thinks belongs to it or not, suffers from ignorance, prejudice, intolerance, phobias and, yes, racism, even if it is latent. So how to reform and build a community that, although a minority, is not united in opinion? The answer is to be able to have alternatives a

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