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Orgullo Crítico - Critical Pride - Madrid 2020

When I was eleven years old, I started studying at the Bishop's Grammar School, lived in the monastery dormitory of the Rosary Church and went to minister as an altar boy during the mass. In a few years, I finally made up my mind and I asked one of the youngest priests I thought he liked me  understood me and I could trust him, what would happen if I open myself to the world and confess my love to a boy from our class. The priest told me that in that case there would be no place for me in his church, neither at the school. I applied for entrance exams of the Secondary School of Arts and Crafts and moved to Prague. Gradually, I read what evil the church had done around the world. Evil which was committed on the victims but also  inside of the church, where sexuality is suppressed, and causes only one thing. Violence. A few years later, someone sent me a newspaper clipping with a photo of that young priest convicted of child abuse.  I had a mixture of feelings, sadness, pain, anger,

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